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Yuki Hamanaka

1978:Born in Kyoto of Japan
2009:Attended courses at Photographic Expression College
2012:Exhibition “Plant’s Aspect” (Port Gallery T/Osaka,Japan)
2014:Exhibition “Life of Silence” (galleryMain/Kyoto,Japan)
2015:Exhibition “Life of Silence” (Shin puh kan/Kyoto,Japan)
2017:Exhibition “Life of Silence” (THE DECK/Osaka,Japan)
2018:Exhibition “UTSUROI” (Isewashi Gallery/mie,Japan)
2019:Exhibition “UTSUROI” (galleryMain/Kyoto,Japan)

I try to capture the strength, beauty and transience of the nature.
I hope to present an infinite variety of shapes of lives through photographs of nature.
Representative works are on pruned trees planted in cities.
Themes are visualization of coexistence and prosperity with nature, and visualization of aesthetic sensations created for each city from the contents of pruning.
To achieve an aesthetic sensation, we chose a margin-conscious approach, such as Japanese painting or ink painting.
Also, the lens is considered a brush, and the blur is incorporated into the aesthetic expression.

”UTSUROI” is a Japanese season word meaning the change of the season.
I hope to present an infinite variety of shapes of lives through photographs of nature.
I shot all the works of this project in Kyoto city.
The reason for being based in Kyoto is because it has been handed down a lot of advanced landscaping technology and Japanese aesthetic sense.

Canon | New Cosmos of Photography 2012
Excellence Award Winner

PX3(Prix de la Photographie, Paris) 2014 COMPETITION
Non-Professional Nature/Trees & Nature/Flowers:2ST PRIZE
Non-Professional Nature/Seasons:3ST PRIZE

PX3(Prix de la Photographie, Paris) 2015 COMPETITION

PX3(Prix de la Photographie, Paris) 2015 People’s Choice
Professional Nature/Flowers:1ST PRIZE

IPA(International Photography Awards) 2016 COMPETITION

TIFA(Tokyo International Foto Awards)2016 COMPETITION
Professional Nature/Seasons:2ST PRIZE

TIFA(Tokyo International Foto Awards)2017 COMPETITION
Professional Nature/Trees:1ST PRIZE
Professional Nature/Seasons:3ST PRIZE

IPA(International Photography Awards) One-Shot:Harmony