Profile – English

Yuki Hamanaka

1978:Born in Kyoto of Japan
2009:Attended courses at Photographic Expression College
2012:Exhibition “Plant’s Aspect” (Port Gallery T/Osaka,Japan)
2014:Exhibition “Life of Silence” (galleryMain/Kyoto,Japan)
2015:Exhibition “Life of Silence” (Shin puh kan/Kyoto,Japan)
2017:Exhibition “Life of Silence” (THE DECK/Osaka,Japan)
2018:Exhibition “UTSUROI” (Isewashi Gallery/mie,Japan)

I try to capture the strength, beauty and transience of the nature. I hope to present an infinite variety of shapes of lives through photographs of nature.
I shot all the works of this project in Kyoto city.
The reason for being based in Kyoto is because it has been handed down a lot of advanced landscaping technology and Japanese aesthetic sense.
I would like to present the figure of "co-prosperity with nature" through pruning trees.

Canon | New Cosmos of Photography 2012
-Excellence Award Winner

PX3(Prix de la Photographie, Paris) 2014 COMPETITION
-Non-Professional Nature/Trees & Nature/Flowers:2ST PRIZE
-Non-Professional Nature/Seasons:3ST PRIZE

PX3(Prix de la Photographie, Paris) 2015 COMPETITION

PX3(Prix de la Photographie, Paris) 2015 People’s Choice
 - Professional Nature/Flowers:1ST PRIZE

IPA(International Photography Awards) 2016 COMPETITION

TIFA(Tokyo International Foto Awards)2016 COMPETITION
 - Professional Nature/Seasons:2ST PRIZE

TIFA(Tokyo International Foto Awards)2017 COMPETITION
 - Professional Nature/Trees:1ST PRIZE
 - Professional Nature/Seasons:3ST PRIZE

IPA(International Photography Awards) One-Shot:Harmony