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作品「ODORI / 宇宙を泳ぐ(そらをおよぐ)」

作品:ODORI / 宇宙を泳ぐ(そらをおよぐ)


This work is an attempt to find Japanese beauty in the graceful movements of Nishikigoi, an appreciation fish native to Japan.
In Japan, there is a culture of admiring Nishikigoi in various environments.
Nishikigoi live gracefully in environments where they have no natural enemies.
Observing the movements of Nishikigoi, which coexist and co-prosper with humans, we see them playing with each other and occasionally weaving their movements with their tail fins, as if they are dancing.
There is a beauty in the way they move freely in all directions in the underwater space that cannot be created artificially.
And when you face the pictures you have taken, you sometimes have the illusion of not being able to tell up from down, left from right.
Perhaps we feel the universe through the medium of carp.